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The holiday season is a great opportunity to indulge, so stock up on your favourite traditional Christmas treats for a full flavour feast!


Artisan Christmas Puddings are handmade in Christchurch by Bill and Judith Hanharan. We love them for their rich traditional flavour – just like gran used to make!

Heating Instructions:

SMALL – 250g (Feeds 2-3)
Steam covered for 1 hour or loosen the lid and microwave for 1 minute.

LARGE – 750g (Feeds 6-8)
Steam covered for 1 hour, or loosen the lid and microwave for 3 minutes.


Panforte de Siena is a traditional Tuscan delight – a dense cake of fruit, nuts, spices and honey. While it is beautiful served after a meal, you can turn it into a more substantial festive feast by pairing it with a beautiful cheese.

Serving suggestions:

SAINT AGUR - The perfect balance of a strong, rich blue taste and extra creamy texture. Saint Agur has bright milk flavours up front and a subtle mild spicy taste in the finish. Its double cream originsmeans it spreads well too.

BRIE DE MEAUX - This buttery rich soft brie is underlined by truly and earthy flavours with a delicate residual tang. A French cheese, Brie de Meaux pairs perfectly with champagne.

NORMANDY CAMEMBERT - One of our favourite pasteurised camembert – earthy and mushroomy. The bloomy white rind gives a contrasting bite to a melting, straw coloured paste within.

Not sure what sort of cheese you’re after? Our deli teams are well versed in cheese and will be delighted to help you find the right match – chat with us when you’re in store!


Big golden loaves of panettone are a Christmas morning staple at Farro – the fruit-studded loaves can be enjoyed fresh or simply toasted. Or, if you’re looking for a more adventurous dish, here are some of our favourite ideas…

Serving suggestions:

PANETTONE BREAD PUDDING - A decadent festive version of bread pudding with buttery panettone, free range eggs, Lewis Road cream and Heilala vanilla.

PANETTONE FRENCH TOAST - If Christmas brunch is on your agenda, a panettone french toast – served with All Good Bananas and free range bacon – is a good bet!

PANAZENALLA W/ PANCETTA & RADICCHIO - This Italian recipe is a great way of using up stale panettone and ripe tomatoes – you could even substitute the pancetta for fried ham leftovers.

PANETTONE & ITALIAN SAUSAGE STUFFING - The concept of sausage stuffing with your turkey is made into something truly magnificent with the addition of buttery panettone!