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How to make the ultimate dessert platter

How to make the ultimate dessert platter

No time left to bake a dessert? No problem! A grazing platter of sweet treats is the crowning glory to a Christmas feast.

Come in store and pick up all of the below or your favourites and assemble on a platter with your choice of fresh, seasonal produce.

1. The Little French Pastry Mini Tarts, $2.99 each

2. She Universe Dark Milk and White Chocolate Santas, $5.99/60g

3. Guimauve Peppermint Marshmallow, $9.99/140g

4. Molly Woppy Handmade Festive Gingerbread Shapes, $8.99/120g

5. Mummy’s Yummys Little Citrus Bites/Little Caramel Bites, $8.35/6pk

6. Marabissi Panforte Margherita, $18.99/250g

7. Antica Torroneria Pistachio & Almond Nougat, $19.99/150g

8. Walter & Rose Gingerkids Cookies; Christmas Cookies, $14.99/6pk

9. Molly Woppy White Choc Topped Gingerbread Trees, $9.50/145g

10 Inspired Festive Rocky Road Strawberry & Cream Slab/ Cherry Slab, $12.49 each

11. Molly Woppy Traditional Shortbread Stars, $7.50/130g

12. Ma Cherie Macarons, $2.59 each

13. Farro Mince Tarts, $7.99/6pk

14. The Little Cake Kitchen Melting Moments, $9.60/6pk

15. Biscotti with Mango and Coconut, $8.99/110g

 16. Janus Bakkerij Cranberry Meringues and Frenchnut Meringues, $16.99/175g; Chocolate Macaroons, $18.59/240g

17. Traditionally Tuscan Marzipane Panforte, $28/450g

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