Farro Turducken

Farro Turducken


Online ham and turkey preorders have now closed however we still have a wide range of ham and turkeys available for you to purchase in-store.

Needing to impress an extra-large group? A turducken is a de-boned chicken, stuffed inside a de-boned duck, stuffed inside a partly de-boned turkey. They also come stuffed with our most loved orange and cranberry stuffing. Weighing at around 7kg the Turducken will feed up to 20 people.

Please note: Turducken comes frozen and will need to be fully defrosted prior to cooking. We recommend allowing up 3 days to defrost in your fridge.

Pick up: Please pick up in your nearest Farro store on your chosen date (before 24 December 2018).

Payment on collection.